Shadows of the Past

The Battle of Silverwatch

Session 41: Year 976, On the 9th-10th of Octovon


Octovon 9th:

As Quinn spent the night in a cell being interrogated by Nimmonin and his Forever Endeavor cronies, Wyverna, Janos, and Corvus managed to escape into Farhoon Forest with minor injuries and return to the guard post.

Octovon 10th:

As the awards ceremony took place, an enormous army, thousands of demons, attacked Silverwatch Fort, quickly overpowering the guards and slaughtering anyone in sight. During the commotion, Quinn managed to escape from his cell in the FETC headquarters, and ran into Wyverna, Janos, and Corvus, who had followed the invasion force from Farhoon Forest. As yet, Gal’malok himself hadn’t made an appearance.

“I just want it on the record,” Janos said, gesturing at the mass of attacking demons. “I had nothing to do with this.”

“Now what?,” Quinn asked, looking around.

“We leave,” Wyverna said. “Through the forest. To the Boneyard or the coast. There’s nothing we can do here – not without…”

Her voice trailed off as a dozen more shapes emerged from the smoke. It was at least twenty people, members from Silverwatch teams, most of which had been imprisoned with you in the dungeon. They were covered in ash and blood.

“…an army,” she continued.

“They’re slaughtering us,” one of the fighters said. “And the spectators. Everyone.”

“We’ve got to stop it,” said another, pleading to Wyverna.

The group lined up, waiting for a response.

“We’re ready,” said a wizard, gesturing to Quinn. “What’s the plan?”

Wyverna sunk her spear into the dirt, then turned to face the other Stars. Janos shrugged, rolling up his sleeves. Corvus twirled his sword and clanged it against his shield. Wyverna looked to Quinn. Her eyes were cold, determined. The decision had already been made.

Quinn sighed and stood up, brushing the dirt from his tabard and slinging his gear into place. He gave her a small, tired nod.

“So,” a man in front asked. “What do we do?”

Wyverna turned to face the teams, pulling her spear from the ground.

“Something,” she said.

She shot Corvus a look. He smirked and gave an approving nod.

“We do something,” Wyverna said. “We fight.”

The Stars took command of the other team members, separating them into groups to create battle formations. Janos took the quickest ones, to strike out from cover. Quinn gathered those with magical users to combine their spells and attack from a distance. Corvus took charge of the armored fighters, creating a wall of formidable fights to protect the others. Wyverna assembled a line of pikemen for support, and took a command position between the other formations to more effectively give orders. Those with bows and arrows took position behind the others, waiting to fire on command.

Leading their makeshift army, the Stars moved forward into Silverwatch Fort, climbing through the collapsed buildings and fighting their way through fire, smoke, and a seemingly endless force of demons of all shapes and sizes. Through the haze, Janos could just make out Silverwatch House in the distance of screams and clanging swords, where the majority of the battle seemed to be taking place.

Cutting down dozens of demons along the way, the Stars came across what remained of the Sleeping Dragon. The building had been nearly torn in half from artillery rounds, but still, what remained of the walls sheltered a handful of innocent spectators who had been caught in the middle of the fight. The Stars took a protective position around the bystanders, trying to keep them safe within their ranks as they marched onward through the battlegrounds.

Finally, the group reached Silverwatch House, and saw the full chaos that had been brought down upon the Fort. Outside the burning house were Vara, Manton, Heren, Pelore, and many of the other house leads, along with some of the team members present at the award ceremony, Tavus, Raemus, Cecili, Krodor, and others, who struck out at the attackers when possible.

Surrounding them were endless hordes of demons, hundreds of monsters threw themselves at Vara and the other fighters, climbing over mountains of bodies to reach their quarry. At the very center of the battle was an enormous demon, nearly 50 ft. tall, wielding an enormous broadsword. Vara’s eyes glowed green and she seemed to float in the air as she dodged the attacks, screaming orders to the others as she fought, flanked by a dozen other green-eyed warriors dressed in spectator garb.

Saze was nowhere in sight, but the Stars noticed a handful of the Crone’s ghosts on rooftops, hiding out of sight, waiting for something.

As the Stars looked for an opportunity to join the fight, a handful of screams drew their attention. Several dozen spectators, those who had made a run for the docks, had been ambushed by another group of demons, and were being slaughtered. Manton yelled to the Stars as he tried to fight his way toward them, pleading with Corvus and Wyverna to protect the innocents and lead them to the docks, to the safety of the ships.

The Stars directed their forces to the northwest, intercepting the demons and holding them back while they saved those they could. Spectators were being struck down with joy by the demons, though an act of bravery from Corvus’s soldiers broke through the attacking line, sacrificing themselves to buy the innocents enough time to escape.

During the fight, another enormous horned demon appeared from a fiery crash, nearly 30 ft. tall, bearing down on the Stars and their small force. Suddenly, Manton appeared, sprinting away from Silverwatch House, and engaged the demon, ordering the Stars to take out the smaller demonic forces nearby. The Stars led their army through and around the fiery attacks of the massive demon as they dispatched the remaining forces, then led the survivors to the ships while Manton returned to Silverwatch House.

Once the innocents were safe, the Stars returned to the house, and their army spread out, joining the fight. Most of the invading forces seemed to have been quelled. The grounds were littered with the bodies of guards, teams, demons, and innocents, piled high within the debris of the Silverwatch buildings. As the others watched, Vara dealt a finishing blow to the giant demon, ripping a hole in its throat and sending it crashing to the ground.

There was a moment of silence, and as everyone caught their breath, something new arrived.

Crushing buildings below, an invisible force strode quickly through Silverwatch Fort. A booming, gravelly voice began to laugh as the giant footsteps shook the ground.

Gal’malok had arrived.

“Here it comes,” Vara said, wiping black blood from her face.

Manton spat at the ground, lifting his axe.

“I suppose so,” he said. “Too late to make a bargain?”

Vara smirked.

“I already made mine,” she said.

“Well then,” Manton replied. “Let’s get it over with.”



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