Welcome to Idariel.

The world has changed. In the year 968, an earthquake was felt all over the world, triggering a series of strange events. The ever present gates, used for teleportation in cities all over the world, had stopped working. Suddenly, the safe, effortless passage between cities was gone—people would have to use the treacherous and dangerous roads for trade and travel. Economies collapsed and had to be rebuilt; the presence of banditry and crime was suddenly prolific; and once more, there was a need for those with a strong heart and stronger sword.

Even more bizarre, an enormous continent, nearly half the size of Valanor, had emerged from the ocean just off the coast. Called Meddes, the land was said to have been untouched by civilizations for thousands of years, and full of ancient treasure and secrets. It was rumored that powers from both Valanor and Issalin had laid claim to this new world, and both seemed willing to fight in order to secure its resources, land, and treasures. The relationship between Valanor and Issalin had grown more tense by the day—some said that each side was preparing for war.

In the middle of this, in year 976 of the third age, an ancient adventurer returned, Thorne Silvershot, the Silver Arrow, a legendary archer thought by most to have perished long ago. Together with the nations of Valanor and Issalin, Thorne sent out a call to all adventurers in the world to join him in exploring the new land of Meddes with a series of grand events and tournaments called the Games of Thorne.

Answering the call were the following unique souls, hailing from all over the world:

From the magical school of Elazaraan Academy came Quinn, a half-elf wizard thrust out into the world on his own with a mystery-laden past.

Graduating from the prestigious combat program of Halar House came Corvus, a nobleman’s son determined to use his axe to make a mark on this world outside of the bureaucracy and councils of the big cities.

Displaced from his home after the collapse of the underwater city of Uldurst came Thraim, a dwarven cleric seeking answers for the disappearance of his cousin and an ancestral city lost to the ocean.

Leaving behind his family and the only life he knew came Janos, a tiefling trained in the dark arts hoping to erase the past of Fel’taras and create his own future.

Lost in the midst of conflict and looking to escape came Scult, an elven monk hoping to uncover her mysterious legacy and find her place in the world.

Hailing from the floating islands of Leviol came the dragoon Wyverna, a woman in search of her family, her ancestors, and the answers to a conspiracy that unraveled a nation.

Together, they endured tragedy, sacrifice, and unraveled a mystery of epic proportions on the new continent, Meddes. Now, a year after the events which led to the death of Thorne Silvershot, they have reunited once again, this time within the trade city of Liras Menevol, where they hoped to settle down and find new peaceful lives for themselves.

Then, hailing from the untamable Wild Islands, came the bard Faowyn, an elven girl with a gift for song, trained as one of the legendary Wyndarri Poets and searching for an answer to her existence, one which looks to once again entangle them in the shadows of the past.

Shadows of the Past

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